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Proficiency as Ship Security Officer (SSO)

A 21 Hours Course as per ISPS & STCW
Approved & Certified by

Transport Canada

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Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)

A 11.5 Hours Course as per ISPS & STCW
Approved & Certified

Transport Canada

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Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)

A 5.5 Hours Course as per ISPS & STCW
Approved & Certified

Transport Canada


Approved Online Training Academy

Fully Approved by Transport Canada Online STCW Academy, offering a wide range of accredited and bespoke online training center to our customers from Canada and worldwide. Virtual Maritime Academy is a dynamic and rapidly-growing academy specializing in a range of STCW and maritime sectors to bring the very best in Virtual Online courses.

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This extremely informative, internationally-recognized online academy has proved highly effective by avoiding travel and accommodation costs as there is no need to attend any exams at our center, everything is online.

What our students have to say?

Very Professional!

Very professional, Emanuel was very helpful.

Mme Dionne


Highly Recommended

Highly recommended as you can do this course online staying at home and do any time of the day or night.

Mr. Grewal


What a great school and concept

I have to say it was the most convenient training I took in my career. To be able to follow this course from home was just top of the top. The team was fantastic guiding me during the training and for the exam.

Mr. Langlois


The material was excellent

The course was very informative and thorough.

Mr. Stevenson


Highly recommended

I recommend the course to other people

Mr. Hutt


Great Course

Great course. Thanks.

Mr. Greenough


Oh what a great system!

Oh what a great system I am impressed of the set-up and simplicity of use. The time-delayed option to not skip ahead lessons is kinda helpful preventing me to rush through without reading so I usually went back and read again stuff I read.

Thank you for fixing my issues at the end of the exam and thank you so much for providing seafarers an option to do that course from their home!

Mr. Lacroix


So convenient!!!

Virtual Maritime Academy made is so simple for me to get the PSDS training. It is full of useful information, videos and example. I recommend Virtual Maritime Academy to anyone in the maritime industry.

Mr. Jeanson


It saves lots of efforts, time and money

PDSD online course is worth full. It saves lots of efforts, time and money. It was very easy to access and easy to learn. Director of Virtual Maritime Emanuel was very helpful during the course and always quick reply for any help. I highly recommend this online course.

Mr. Pal


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